For oral language development

Increasingly, research confirms the efficacy of explicit training in emotional intelligence starting at a very young age

This quote spoke to me because my grandma said children should listen not be listened to,


First Day Fails

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I start my classes with the mantra you can not succeed in this class, you will not earn an A if you do not fail in my class.

Today I lived rather than spoke this truth

I attempted to do a live demo lecture and also record it in our new collaborative learning space. It comes equipped with HDMI displays, a switcher, and two remote cameras. I top of the line SmartBoard tops off the class.

Things looked like they were going to go smoothly. Five students joined me for the information session and two unlucky souls tried to sit through the lecture remotely.


Once I could download the video from home I too sat in horror. In the middle of the class I tried to use the SmartBoard. The first grant I ever wrote was for a SmartBoard in my 6th grade classroom. It was 2003 or 2004 I think. Wow have they changed.

I need to learn the tools prior to recording.

Need a Producer

I tried to watch the downloaded video. Its impossible to watch. So I re-recorded my introduction. The video capabilities of the class are too hard to manage as you teach. I would either need a display and a tablet to switch cameras, zoom, and pan.

In fact since I would rather be concentrating on teaching I think live video lectures in the room will require a producer.

Storytelling has Evolved

Humanity grows from failure. Iterative design after messing up is how our species learns. Its an old story. Yet today I got an eye witness look into how storytelling has rapidly evolved in the past thirty years. From the video games we play, to the classic myths thousands of year’s old the audience can be immersed into the yarns we weave. New tools allow us to mix up modalities in ways never possible.

Yet children’s literature can often open up a mind just as much or  more than any Minecraft mission. They are both stories but what we want to explore in this class is what makes some stories endure? How do the storie we tell and hear shape who we are?

We will just be using the newest tools for storytelling as we do it. So as you join me for EDU 307 don’t be afraid to fail. Instead learn out loud. Share your troubles with tech on the Stream and someone will be there to help.

First and foremost any literature class must be a community of readers and writers and every teacher–a lover of words.